I’m very particular when it comes to being organized and having all my essential equipment ready for my day-to-day activities, especially when I’m on-the-go or when I’m working at home.

With my usual busy schedule, it’s imperative to have everything in one location, making it accessible and easy to store when I no longer need it. I’ve come across many different storage options but never seemed to find something that would suit my needs that are portable, spacious and durable.

Whether you’re constantly traveling or a compulsive organizer like me, the GRUV GEAR – Club Bag is definitely worth checking out.

An All-Purpose Bag

The GRUV GEAR – Club Bag offers a plethora of storage options for all your accessories and any essential items you may need for when you’re traveling. The bag is built from a ballistic water-resistant 1680D nylon. Each compartment is uniquely designed, providing a variety of different storage space sizes, making it easy and super accessible for your laptops, headphones, portable batteries, etc.

From the moment I received this bag, I was surprised to see how many items it’ll hold that is portable and is still comfortable to carry due to the breathable air mesh straps. If you’re a proud owner of a Nintendo Switch system or considering purchasing one in the future, the GRUV GEAR – Club Bag will definitely keep everything in place.


“The Glove Box” is a fold-down padded compartment that is easy to access for any small accessories you may want to take such as your Nintendo Switch, controllers, or even snacks when you’re hungry! There is also a dedicated area where you can strap your headphones inside the glove box, however, I would suggest keeping them inside a case as an added security measure for the occasional drops. What’s great about this compartment, is the fact that you can customize it to your storage space needs. The glove box is divided in two velcro like-shelves where you can easily organize and place items at ease by taking advantage of the two layers, however, you can always unstrap both velcros for more space if needed.

Below the glove box, there is a zippered pocket that can hold relatively small items such as your passport, keys and your wallet.

The main compartment, behind the glove box, can hold up to a 15′ laptop and has a pocket inside where you can add a tablet, magazine, books and business cards.

Need more space?

The GRUV GEAR – Club Bag definitely provides enough storage space for even the busiest trips, however, you can always make more room with their convenient stackable Bento boxes.

Bento is built from the same 1680D nylon as the bags for the exterior, making it durable for a long-term use. These, in particular, are great because they come in 4 different models to accommodate small to medium sized items such as cables, controllers, phone chargers and even your Snakebyte headphones. I was surprised to see how large these can be especially since they can actually carry the Nintendo Switch in a Bento box, however, this is not a replacement for your day-to-day case since they don’t really provide any protection other than making it easier to store items away.

These are quite nice and also come in different color variations, just as the bag.

Final Thoughts

I’m overall impressed with the GRUV GEAR – Club Bag and Bento Boxes for they definitely offer a premium build quality and serves it’s purpose, by making it easier to carry things on-the-go.

It definitely weighs a bit when holding the bag, especially when adding your typical accessories, however, this bag and bento boxes are meant for those who really need all the storage space they can get when traveling.

These products are on the higher end price for those who are on a lower budget, but I can’t think of a bag that has about any storage compartment you may need just as this one.




  • Beautifully crafted
  • Provides a great amount of storage
  • Water resistant


  • A bit heavy

Stealth Elite Triple Black/Leather

Release Date February 20, 2017


Release Date April 30, 2017

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