When using my Nintendo Switch, I personally prefer the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller for its comfort and the convenience of having a 40-hour battery life. I’ve never been opposed to the idea of using the included Joy-con grip, however, it definitely isn’t something that I need but always great to have especially when playing with friends who prefer a similar experience.

Even though the Nintendo Switch included Joy-con grip doesn’t have any charging capabilities or storage solutions for your cartridges and microSD cards, the Clip Grip Power from NYKO definitely does and offers much more.

The Clip Grip Power takes many creative risks, many of which are very useful and some that can be questionable but there is definitely something for everyone with this accessory.

What’s included:

  • (1) Clip Grip Power
  • (1) micro-USB charging cable
  • (1) Mount Clip
  • (1) User manual

Taking a trip?

Unlike the included Nintendo Switch Joy-con grip, The Clip Grip Power from NYKO has a storage compartment which can be used to take up to seven Nintendo Switch cartridges and two microSD cards whenever you’re away from home. This alone is such an essential and simple feature, making it easier to carry games on-the-go, especially for gamers who are constantly traveling.

In addition to making traveling easier, the Clip Grip Power also has a built-in battery which can charge your Joy-con, smartphone, and any USB devices by connecting it at the front of the grip and pressing on the battery indicator button found above the storage compartment. With my time using the Clip Grip Power, I was able to charge my phone and Joy-con for about 3-hours.

The 3,000 mAh integrated battery can also be recharged once its power has been depleted with the included micro-USB charging cable.

How does it feel?

The Clip Grip Power is noticeably heavier than the standard Nintendo Switch Joy-con grip, which adds more weight, making it feel like an actual controller. When using the included Nintendo Switch Joy-con grip, my hands always felt cramped when using it, but the Clip Grip Power does a great job at providing more room to comfortably play.

Mounting your Smartphone

Not only can the Clip Grip Power charge your accessories and store your cartridges, it can also dock your smartphone device with the included plastic mount found in the back of the grip. To use the plastic mount, just detach the clip found behind the grip and slide it in above the battery indicator.

When using the mount, players can view their smartphone device in a horizontal view for easy access when playing a game, without hindering your gameplay experience, which is clever, however, if you’re considering using the Nintendo Switch Online app, it’s not happening. The Nintendo Switch Online app only works in a vertical view and not horizontally, however, you can always multitask and watch a video or use an app that uses this horizontal view when using the smartphone mount.


With the review unit we received, I noticed a couple problems which I’d like to address. When attaching the Joy-con onto the grip, it was difficult to actually insert them without forcefully pushing them in. Of course, you don’t want to force anything, especially since they should slide in and out seamlessly. After removing them, I noticed that the grip’s paint residue was left onto my Neon Red and Blue Joy-con, luckily I was able to clean it off, but proceed with caution.

The other problem we had was when attaching a phone onto the mount. The clip isn’t as sturdy as I would like it to be, and it definitely wobbles specifically for people with larger phones so be careful if you’re considering attaching your Nintendo Switch system (which I don’t recommend).

Final Thoughts:

I believe the Clip Grip Power from NYKO is truly unique in its own way. Providing essential yet simplistic features which make you wonder why this wasn’t your included Joy-con grip, especially for its storage compartment and charging solutions.

Even though our review unit may have experienced a design flaw, the idea behind the product is great and something to check out.

The Clip Grip Power from NYKO is available for purchase on the official NYKO website for $24.99, (which is $5 less than the official Nintendo charging Joy-con grip) and can be pre-ordered now on Amazon!




  • Offers storage and charging solutions
  • Comfortable to use
  • Cheaper than official Nintendo charging Joy-con grip


  • Design flaw when inserting Joy-con
  • Wobbly smartphone mount

Clip Grip Power for Nintendo Switch™

Release Date August 01, 2017

Nintendo – Joy-Con Charging Grip

Release Date March 03, 2017

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