Platform: Switch
Release Date: August 01, 2017

At first glance, the NYKO Charge Block Pro for Nintendo Switch™ seems to be just any other dock. There are plenty of options in the accessories market for recharging your controllers and other electronics. However, after using the Charge Block Pro for Nintendo Switch™ for 2 weeks, I was quite impressed that NYKO actually made a unique product that is perfect for owners of several consoles and helps it stand out from the rest.

Setting Up the Charge Block

The NYKO Charge Block Pro for Nintendo Switch™ packaging includes 4 parts; the Charge Block Pro, the charging dongle, a micro USB charging cable, and an AC adapter. To set up the Charge Block Pro, you must connect the micro USB cable to the Charge Block Pro and either a USB-A port or the included AC adapter. After this, you attach the charging dongle (which also features a pass through button for the sync button) onto the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller’s USB-C port. In order to charge the controller, you place the controller on to the Charge Block Pro and it’ll begin charging. Set up is easy, simple, and works instantly.

Design and Experience

The Charge Block Pro is made out of different plastic materials and a variety of shades of black and gray. It fits nicely next to my Nintendo Switch dock, and my TV. It doesn’t stand out unnecessarily and instead, feels like an aesthetic extension of the electronics in my entertainment center.

As a person who hates fumbling with cables, I have come to love this dock simply because of its convenience. Before this dock, I rarely charged my Switch Pro Controller (and it’s not like I needed to because of how long they hold a charge). However, whenever I did need to charge the controller, I didn’t like being tethered to a wall or other sources of power so my controller could get enough energy so that I wouldn’t need to charge it again for a week. With the Charge Block Pro, I gently place the controller on the dock and go on with my life. The convenience and simplicity of this might not be worthwhile to others, but I absolutely love it.

Chains of Charge Blocks

What makes the Charge Block Pro, and Charge Blocks from NYKO unique are the fact that they can be connected together to charge all of your controllers; even if they are from different systems. The front of the Charge Block Pro has a cover that can be removed in order to reveal a micro USB tip. If you had another Charge Block, instead of connecting a micro USB cable to it, you would simply attach it to another Charge Block. It creates a simple solution and saves you from dealing with a bunch of different cables and docks.


In the experience section of this review, I stated that I gently place my Switch Pro Controller on to the Charge Block Pro. I do this as opposed to just dropping it in because the dongle and the Charge Block don’t exactly always connect if you’re not paying attention. It’s not as effortless as placing it anywhere on the dock so that the dock will reposition it where it needs to go. All you have to do is guide it a bit, and make sure that the charging light is on. It’s a small thing, but I felt it was important to mention.

Final Thoughts

The NYKO Charge Block Pro for Nintendo Switch™ definitely gets my recommendation. I love the simplicity and convenience of placing my Pro Controller onto the dock and just knowing that it will be fully charged the next time I use it. The fact that you can chain more Charge Blocks together make it stand out from the world full of different charging and docking accessories. It’s not a must have accessory, but I do believe it’s a great product especially if you’re in the market for a dock/charging unit.

The NYKO Charge Block Pro for Nintendo Switch™ is available for purchase for $19.99 at Amazon and GameStop.



  • Extremely convenient
  • Unique Charge Block chaining solution for all types of controllers


  • Need to place gently on dock; not as simple as drop in

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