Platform: Switch
Release Date: August 01, 2017

I am one of the people who had their Nintendo Switch dock scratch the bezel on their handheld’s screen. When I first realized it happened, I was devastated. Mostly because a month before I decided to remove the screen protector I first installed because it was “ugly.” I spent weeks figuring out how to prevent my dock from scratching my Switch in the future. I would put a microfiber cloth in between the screen and the dock, a book sock, and l bought a USB C extension cable so that I didn’t have to actually dock my Switch. Each one of these solutions was unsatisfactory, as they made the Switch dock look like a mess and ruined the simplicity of dropping in the Switch in order to play on the big screen. Thankfully, NYKO seems to have a solution with their NYKO Dock Bands.

Installation & Use

The NYKO Dock Bands are a small product. They’re essentially thick rubber bands that you wrap around the edges of your Nintendo Switch where the Joy-con and the handheld connect. The special thing about the Dock Bands is that they’re made of a thick rubber and have a raised center in order to keep the Switch screen from touching the dock plastic. Installing the Dock Bands are a bit of a hassle. The Bands themselves are tight, and molding them to fit onto to the Switch is frustrating. Once you get the Dock Bands on, however, you’re able to dock your Switch without being worried about it scratching the screen or the bezel. The Dock Bands make docking the Switch feel tighter, and it also guides the Switch directly to the USB C Dock.


With my time with the NYKO Dock Bands, I noticed that they get damaged quite easily during the installation process. Like I said earlier, the Bands themselves are made of a thick plastic and molding to fit on the Switch can be difficult. Whenever I had to install the Dock Bands onto my Switch, a part of them would bend before fitting in place. This has led to thick white creases on the bands themselves, which stand out on the Switch’s gray frame. 

My small complaint with the Dock Bands is that they have NYKO branding on the front of each one. I don’t have a problem with branding, but I find them distracting on the Dock Bands because the white lettering stands out, however, I would’ve preferred the branding to have been a bit darker.

Final Thoughts

The NYKO Dock Bands provide a solution for those who that want to protect the screen on our Nintendo Switch from being scratched by the dock but don’t want to install a screen protector or a book sock for the dock. If you’re interested in the NYKO Dock Bands, they’re not that expensive to try out. However, the low price will become apparent after a few times of reinstalling the Dock Bands. After all, the NYKO Dock Bands do their job well and are uniquely designed for the Nintendo Switch.

Review Copy Provided by Nyko



  • Protects your Switch screen and bezel
  • Extremely affordable


  • Hard to install, easy to damage

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