Platform: Switch
Release Date: September 30, 2017

My nightstand table is home to many cables for the devices that I need charging every day. This is definitely a first world problem, but I’ve wanted to reduce the number of cables I’ve had in my life for a while now. The EMiO Charge Dock for Nintendo Switch has helped me remove at least one cable from my nightstand, and has given me a simple solution for charging my Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Pro Controller all in one spot.

Easy to Setup, Easy to Use

The EMiO Charge Dock packaging brings two items: the Charge Dock and an AC Wall Charger. Setting up the Charge Dock is as simple as plugging in the attached 10 foot USB cable to the AC Wall Charger, and then connecting it to an outlet. To charge the Switch, you just slide it onto the USB-C port on the front side of the Charge Dock. To charge the Pro Controller, you must slide the controller face up onto the USB-C port on the back side of the Charge Dock. Connecting the Pro Controller is a bit awkward at first because you can’t exactly see what you’re doing unless you turn the Charge Dock around. After a few tries though, I became comfortable with the process. Set up is easy, and connecting your devices becomes second nature after a while.

One-Stop Charging Station

The best part about the EMiO Charge Dock is that it reduces the number of cables you’ll need to charge your Switch and its controllers. I kept the EMiO Charge Dock on my nightstand table by my bed. On that table, I had cables to charge my iPhone, Apple Watch, and a USB-C cable for my Switch. The Charge Dock has effectively eliminated that USB-C cable and has made my nightstand look cleaner overall because of its simple design. Another great thing about the EMiO Charge Dock is that you can use it as a stand for playing your Switch while it’s being charged. The 10-foot cable significantly helps to set up the Charge Dock on a desk or on another table to play on without needing to be so close to an outlet.

Final Thoughts

The EMiO Charge Dock for Nintendo Switch has helped me on my never-ending quest to reduce the number of cables in my life. It provides a simple and functional charging solution for the Nintendo Switch so you can charge and play. Even though connecting the Pro Controller is a bit awkward, it works great and even includes an indicator light for knowing when the controller is charging. The EMiO Charge Dock for Nintendo Switch is a great product for those that want a simple, clean, one-stop charging station for the Switch and its controllers.

Review Product Provided by EMiO



  • Simple, clean, functional
  • One-stop solution for charging Switch and controllers


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