Platform: SNES
Release Date: October 24, 2017

Nintendo’s success with the Super NES Classic Edition has led them to outsell more systems than the Xbox One, PS4 and Nintendo Switch in the month of September. The retro-inspired console has greatly improved with the addition of two wired controllers and it’s 21 classic games, leaving fans in a frenzy due to its popularity and limited availability.

Even with the few changes made from its predecessor, fans have shared their same concerns of the cable length being short with the included controllers, even with its added length. Depending on your gaming setup and where your TV is located within your home, this could be an issue, however, wouldn’t it just be easier to forget the wires and go wireless?

Nkyo has released a Super Miniboss Wireless controller that is compatible with the Super NES Classic Edition and works quite well for those who prefer a wire-free option.

Ditch the Wire, Go Wireless

The Nyko Super Miniboss Wireless Controller provides an easy solution for those who prefer to play in a more comfortable setting with its wireless capabilities.

At a first glance, the Super Miniboss Wireless controller resembles the look of the original Super NES controller with its grey and purple color design. At the top of controller it features a power button which can be toggled on and off to save battery when not in use. Below the controller, you’ll find a micro-USB port which can be used to charge the controller after a long day of play. Even when your battery is running out, just connect the micro-USB cable and it’ll charge meanwhile you play.

The controller itself can be used to play with a range up to 20 feet by using the included receiver dongle and is fully compatible with all 21 included classic games. Featuring a programmable Turbo button and powered by a 30-hour rechargeable battery, the Super Miniboss Wireless controller makes it easy to play without interfering with long playing sessions.

With my time using the Super Miniboss controller, I was surprised to see how long the battery lasts especially since I am always forgetting to charge my controllers after I play. Just with a week’s use of sporadically playing, I am yet to deplete its full power.

Not only is it compatible with the Super NES Classic Edition but it also works with the NES Classic, Wii and Wii U systems. The controller offers a variety of features, many of which are not available on the standard included controllers for the Super NES Classic including the option to return to the home menu by press and holding the ‘select’ and ‘turbo’ buttons.

The turbo function only works with your A, B, Y, X and R buttons but does not work for the start, select and d-pad buttons on the controller. Enabling Turbo is easy to use, just press and hold the turbo button, then simultaneously hold the turbo button and press any desired button with turbo once and release when finished. To disable Turbo, just press and hold the Turbo button, then press the Turbo enabled button once.


Even with the Super Miniboss controller boasting an expansive amount of features, it’s overall build makes it feel subpar in the hand than the included Super NES Classic wired controllers. This is due to the material used in the controller’s plastic shell. The face buttons on this controller feel a bit stiff and clicky as the letters are engraved with a matte finish.

I personally love the feel of the original Super NES Classic controllers as they are smooth and easy to press but that’s just my preference.

Final Thoughts

The Super Miniboss Wireless controller is a great alternative for those who want to replace their wired controllers by using a wire-free option when playing with their Super NES Classic Edition, Wii or Wii U systems. Despite its overall build quality, the Super Miniboss controller is a true gem adding a modern touch to your retro-gaming device.

The Nyko Super Miniboss Wireless controller for the Super NES Classic Edition is available for $19.99 and can be purchase now on Amazon!

Review Product Provided by Nyko



  • Wireless
  • Long range connectivity
  • 30-hours of battery life


  • Cheap plastic shell
  • Clicky and stiff buttons

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