Platform: Switch
Release Date: August 29, 2017

The official Nintendo Switch dock is a relatively small piece of hardware to carry around for a complete home console experience, especially when compared to the sizes of PS4 and Xbox One consoles. EMiO (soon to be officially known as GameRAC) has created a carrying case for the official Nintendo Switch dock that allows you to carry the dock, cables, a controller, and even the Switch itself. What’s special about this carrying case is that it allows you to use the dock from inside the case so that it’s ready to go whenever you need to take it with you. It’s a nice idea and gives the official Nintendo Switch dock a portability aspect that wasn’t there before.


A Lunch Bag for Your Switch

From the outside, the EMiO Carrying Case looks like a lunch bag. It has an over-the-shoulder strap and a handle so you can carry it however you prefer. Once unzipped, there is a divider in the middle meant to indicate the separate sections of the carrying case and to hold your Switch dock in place when transporting it. The carrying case has a back flap and ventilation windows so that you’re able to use your dock while it’s inside the case. On the other side of the divider, you can store the cables when you’re not using them and a controller (Pro Controller or Joy-Con Grip). There’s also a “hidden” compartment for storing up to 12 physical Nintendo Switch game cartridges.


Portability With Some Effort

Setting up the dock so you can use it within the carrying case is not as seamless as I had hoped. You have to pass the HDMI and USB-C cable through the back flap and into the dock whenever you’re setting it up for playing on the TV. When you’re done playing, you have to make sure to remove the cables by taking the dock out of the case and pulling them out from the back flap. It sort of defeats the purpose of using the dock within the case if you have to remove the dock and plug the cables in from outside of it anyway. The idea still works fine as I was able to play games on the dock from within the carrying case with no heating or other issues. It’s nice to be able to keep my Switch and its accessories all in one place, and this carrying case will definitely be useful for situations when one is traveling or taking their Switch to another person’s house.


Final Thoughts

The EMiO carrying case is sturdy, functional, and offers a unique feature that others don’t. While using this unique feature isn’t more convenient than simply removing the Switch from the case and setting it up as you normally would, it still works and is there for those that want to use it. As a standard carrying case, it does its job well by providing ample space for your dock, cables, a controller, and Switch game cartridges. It’s a well-built case that can keep your Nintendo Switch and its accessories safe for when you’re on-the-go.



  • Good materials and sturdy carrying case
  • Plenty of space for Switch and a few accessories


  • Portable dock ability isn’t convenient

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