Platform: Switch
Release Date: November 17, 2017

The Nintendo Switch does an exceptional job at being a hybrid console. Whether you’re playing at home or on-the-go, the Switch provides a similar playing experience for each occasion. If you’re as paranoid and overprotective as I am, you can probably relate to the fear of it getting scratched or damaged in day-to-day activities. When purchasing a new system, I always consider which are the best accessories I can purchase to enhance my overall experience with it and what should I buy to protect it.

I don’t travel that often, however, you can never be too cautious especially when living with siblings. Usually, I always go for the most durable yet over-the-top protective gear that I can buy. But just like everything in life, exceptions can be made especially when it comes to Super Mario themed merchandise.

Team Mario or Team Luigi?

When I first spotted the Super Mario Quick Pouch Collection for Nintendo Switch, I couldn’t resist getting them! The Super Mario Quick Pouch Collection comes in two variants featuring the iconic brothers, Mario and Luigi with their red and green shirts, dark blue overalls and shiny yellow buttons. The Nintendo Switch logo is also printed on the rear side of the case in white. What I love about these pouches is how vibrant the colors are on them, perfectly resembling the Mario Bros. with their outfits.

On the front of the pouch is an envelope opening with a velcro closure to store your Nintendo Switch. The pouch uses a stretchy material that can allow your system to be stored with Joy-con controllers attached. The pouch itself is built to fit the Switch and Joy-con, however, you sort of have to force it inside by angling it sideways to have it fully inserted due to it small opening.

Will it Protect?

The interior of the pouch is quite soft and is a snug fit when storing your Switch inside. Being that this is a pouch and not a hard-shell carrying case, it really doesn’t offer much protection. It can be used to carry your Switch around but don’t expect it to protect from any accidental drops or spills.

The stitching around the case is great and does a good job at maintaining its form but also ensuring that your Switch won’t fall out when in use. The material on the pouch is fantastic against dust and dirt so you won’t have to worry about it getting dirty when traveling.

I wouldn’t say this would be a replacement for your every day carrying case but great for those who just want to casually carry their Switch.

Final Thoughts

All-in-all the Super Mario Quick Pouch Collection for Nintendo Switch is a cool accessory to give to family and friends. If you know of someone who loves the Super Mario Bros. and their Nintendo Switch, this is one Holiday Stocking Stuffer they will want! It may not be my daily driver but I can definitely appreciate the nostalgia and its unique design. The Super Mario Quick Pouch Collection is available for purchase now at Play Asia for $19.99.

Review Product Provided by Keys Factory



  • Officially Licensed
  • Great overall design
  • Dirt and dust resistant


  • Hard to insert
  • Little to no protection

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