Platform: Switch
Release Date: March 03, 2017

What makes the Nintendo Switch such a unique system is due to its portability. For people who are constantly traveling, the idea of gaming might be difficult but the Switch does a great job at allowing you to play wherever you are. The Switch itself is quite easy to carry around but this being said, it could be expensive to replace if damaged. With almost a year of the Switch being released, they’re a bunch of accessories available including third-party docks, adapters, and cases.

Whenever I’m out and about, I always prefer to carry my Switch in a case to avoid any possible drops or spills. EMiO (soon to be officially known as GameRAC) has created a Travel Kit for the Switch which includes plenty of goodies for new owners.

All The Essentials In One

Whether you’re looking for a carrying case for your Nintendo Switch and other additional accessories, the EMiO Travel Kit has you covered!

The EMiO Travel Kit for Nintendo Switch includes a hard shell carrying case, a USB-C cable, car charger, screen protector film, microfiber cleaning cloth and a squeegee card. The case is built from a hard faux-leather material which provides good overall protection against drops and spills. Inside the carrying case, you’ll find a mesh pocket which stores all the included accessories and a compartment to store five Switch cartridges. The mesh pocket is very convenient to have especially if you wanted to store other small accessories inside, however, in this case, in particular, it’s quite small and any items stored inside tend to fall out of the pocket.

When storing your Nintendo Switch inside the case, you’ll find two elastic straps that will hold down your Switch in place so you won’t have to worry about it moving or falling out. Personally, I love a case that does include the straps because any additional protection is a plus. 

The exterior of the case also includes a wrist strap for easy traveling. The design of the case is basic and is limited in color options as it only comes in a black model.

Final Thoughts

The EMiO Travel Kit for Nintendo Switch is a great option for those who are looking for an all-in-one solution. Considering what it offers and all the essentials included, it’s worth purchasing. My only concern with the Travel Kit overall is how small the mesh pocket is and how anything stored in it tends to fall out. This is not a big issue but I wouldn’t suggest overloading it with chargers and such. It would’ve been nice to maybe have a zipper included in the mesh pocket to avoid this issue but still does a great job regardless.

The EMiO Travel Kit for Nintendo Switch is available now for purchase at Amazon for $29.99.

Review Product Provided by EMiO



  • One stop solution for all your essential Switch accessories
  • Great travel carrying case


  • Small mesh pocket for accessories

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