Voice actress Donna Burke, known from her work on the Metal Gear Solid and Silent Hill series, hinted on Twitter today that she’s working on a new project with Nintendo.

“Today’s recording job was a record 6 bottles! Such an honor to work at #Nintendo today!!! Arigato!!!” Burke wrote, including a picture of the water bottles emptied through during the session. We don’t know exactly what the actress and singer may be working on; Nintendo has yet to officially credit her in any upcoming games.

It’s worth pointing out that this may not be Burke’s first appearance in a first party Nintendo franchise. According to IMDB, she’s listed as the uncredited voice of Mrs. Arrow in 2003’s F-Zero GX for the GameCube.

Nintendo has yet to suggest that a new F-Zero title is in the works. Still, we can’t help but wonder if Burke might reprise her role in the futuristic racing series soon.

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