Nintendo revealed details about the long-awaited newest DLC for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, the Champions’ Ballad. Among the reveal was the surprise that the new content will be available later on tonight on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch and Wii U.

During this year’s Game Awards, the game’s director Eiji Aonuma took the stage after a new trailer for the new DLC pack. The latest trailer shows off the game’s new story content, which focuses heavily on the four champions that fell against Calamity Ganon 100 years ago.

While players learn more about the Guardians’ history, they’ll also get access to new shrine challenges and new gear. The trailer gave us a first look at some of the new headgear and other pieces available in the DLC, including horse armor. Chief among these pieces, however, was the guardian-themed Master Cycle Zero that Link gains after completing all challenges from the Champions’ Ballad DLC.

The Champions’ Ballad is pack number 2 in the Breath of the Wild Expansion pass, available now on the Nintendo eShop for $19.99 USD. Those who own the expansion pass will have access to the new DLC later tonight.

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