Brawlout, the indie platform brawler from Angry Mob Games, finally has a date for it’s long-awaited arrival on Nintendo Switch. The developer confirmed that the Switch port of Brawlout will hit the eShop on December 19, and released a new trailer along with the announcement.

The Switch version includes all original characters and guest character Hyper Light Drifter. Angry Mob has also confirmed a new character, Guacamelee’s Juan, will arrive alongside the Switch release. Juan comes complete with his moveset from Guacamelee as well.

Brawlout on Switch features 4-player local and online battles including timed, stock, and team match types, as well as AI matches. Players can face off with any controller combination available on the Switch (in docked or handheld mode of course.) All game modes available on the Steam version of Brawlout are here also, including Advanced Tutorials and Arcade Towers. The game supports 60fps in docked and handheld mode, at a resolution of 1080p docked and 720p handheld.

Brawlout will be available on the Nintendo eShop for $19.99 USD. Players can pre-load the game from the eShop starting December 12th.

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