Platform: Switch
Release Date: October 31, 2017

One of the earliest complaints about the Nintendo Switch hardware was that its stock kickstand wasn’t great. If not opened properly and/or placed gently, the Nintendo Switch lost its balance and fell over. Not to mention that the plastic build quality of the stock kickstand makes it susceptible to bending and breaking in extreme cases.

Nyko has attempted to remedy the situation by creating the Nyko Kickstand for Nintendo Switch. It’s a kickstand made out of metal materials and with a slot for storing an additional microSD card. It doesn’t definitively solve the balance issue, but its durable build quality and bonus storage make it a must-have replacement for what is arguably the weakest part of the Nintendo Switch’s hardware.

A Durable Kick Stand with a Special Slot

Installing the Nyko Kick Stand is easy. All you have to do is pull out the stock kickstand, and push the Metal Kickstand into place. Once it clicks into place, it’s safe to use.

The main difference between the stock kickstand and the Nyko Kickstand is the build. The stock kickstand is made out of plastic, while the Nyko Kickstand is made out of metal. The metal material ensures that bending or breaking the kickstand will be unlikely to happen. The Nyko Kickstand also has a small bump on the back, allocating room within it for storing an additional microSD card. Sliding in an extra microSD card took a bit of elbow grease at first, but it was able to safely store an extra SanDisk microSD card I use inside the kickstand for whenever I needed it.

Using the Nyko Kickstand works similarly to the stock one. You open it up and have it hold up your Switch in tabletop mode. The metal material gives it a distinct weight, allowing it to close more snugly and safely than the plastic one. The Nyko Kickstand, even with the small bump on the back, does not interfere in any way with how you dock your Nintendo Switch.

Where This Kick Stand Almost Falls Flat

My only complaint with the Nyko Kickstand is that it does not click in place like the default kickstand. Once the default kickstand clicks, you know that means it’s (relatively) safe to place your Switch in tabletop mode. The Nyko Metal Kick Stand does not click or stay in place when opened. Instead, you’ll have to hold open the Nyko Metal Kick Stand at the same time you’re putting down your Switch. It’s a small hassle, but it’s one that did not exist in the stock kickstand. It’s something you can get used to, and it’s honestly a worthy trade-off for superior build quality.

Final Thoughts

The Nyko Kickstand is a better kickstand than the stock one in many ways. The metal build, the microSD card slot, and the way it securely closes are all great benefits the Nyko Kickstand has over the stock one. The fact that it is $5 makes this a no-brainer upgrade for anyone who is unsatisfied with the stock kkickstand The Nyko Kick Stand is available at retailers for $4.99.



  • Strong, durable build materials
  • Extra microSD card slot is a nice addition


  • Doesn’t click into place; still need to be careful when placing in tabletop mode

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