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Series: Nintendo Collection
Release Date: December 13, 2018

From a very young age, I’ve always loved collecting Nintendo merchandise in all its forms. Whether I purchased a new console, candy or even just amiibo, Nintendo has always been a great part of my life in one way or another. I’ve always enjoyed having a small reminder of my favorite childhood heroes in my home.

With the introduction of the Nintendo Collection at Build-A-Bear Workshop, It’s a dream come true for all Nintendo fans.

Build and Collect them all!

Remembering the day I first walked into a Build-A-Bear Workshop and the thrill of creating a furry friend has always made an impact on me especially when seeing the process of what it takes to make one. Whether you’ve ever purchased a plush online or in-store, Build-A-Bear Workshop takes an interesting approach to the idea of creating a friend by allowing you to be creative and unique with their vast variety of assortments and costumes that you can choose from.

With the Nintendo x Build-A-Bear partnership, fans can now freely customize and create their favorite Nintendo heroes featuring characters such as Mario ($28), Yoshi ($25.50), Toad ($10.50), and Bowser ($35). For those who want to mix-and-match and create their own variations of Nintendo characters from the franchise, they can freely do so with the available sounds and costumes.

In addition to costumes, fans can also dress their own Build-A-Bears in a Princess Peach and Luigi outfits ($16) including a red Super Mario Hoodie ($10). Each of the cuddly bears perfectly resembles the characters from the Super Mario franchise and are reasonably sized to match their respective design. Our favorite so far has to be the Mario Bear which is one of the full-sized offerings from the Nintendo Collection. The Mario Bear features Mario in a Bear form with his black mustache, blue overhauls, red shirt, and his iconic red cap.

The magic behind these two companies is their ability to bring out the inner child within us with each of their products, allowing us to relive our old childhood memories in a fun and very creative way. It’s never too late to introduce our younglings with characters from the Mushroom Kingdom or even loved ones for Valentines.

The Super Mario furry friends vary in size and pricing including their own accessories, however, it’s truly a great gift for those who love Nintendo.

You too can collect and purchase the Nintendo Collection now at Build-A-Bear Workshop online and in-store. What are you waiting for? Get them today!

Product provided by Build-A-Bear Workshop.

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