The Switch has been an incredible success for Nintendo, and other companies are taking notice. In an interview with EDGE Magazine, Square Enix head Yosuke Matsuda called the Switch an “attractive platform”, and that “a lot of people within the company are looking to make games for Switch.”

Square Enix has already made its mark on the console with titles like Lost Sphear and Spelunker Party, and more underway, including The World Ends With You and Project Octopath Traveler.

Let’s continue to hope for more third-party support from publishers including Square Enix in the future. For all things, Nintendo, stay tuned to NinMobileNews!

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Jared is a lifelong Nintendo fan who's been playing games since he could hold a controller. He loves all Nintendo franchises, especially Metroid, Donkey Kong, and Smash Bros. If he's not playing Nintendo games, chances are he's talking, writing, or thinking about them.

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