According to the weekly Famitsu, God Wars: Definitive Edition will be releasing sometime in the future for PS4, Vita and Nintendo Switch. An official release date for the game has not been announced, however, we’ve included an overview of the game below:

God Wars: Great War of Japanese Mythology includes all the content of the June 2016-released God Wars: Future Past, as well as a new scenario and playable characters, a huge number of new battle stages, and thorough playability improvements.

The new scenario, “Labyrinth of Yomi,” which depicts the true fate of Kaguya and company, can also be purchased as downloadable content for users who already own God Wars: Future Past.

Additions include accelerated battle speed, a full help feature, the ability to bring out eight instead of six units into battle, level and skill limits unlocked, the implementation of second playthrough elements, Momotaro, Kiji, Saru, and Inu as playable characters, new episodes, multiple endings, new music, and a new character named Orihime (voiced by Yuu Serizawa).

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