With its upcoming release on Nintendo Switch, the Bayonetta franchise has become quite popular throughout the years and development for the series hasn’t always been so easy. Hideki Kamiya, in a series of tweets last night, discussed what the development process has been like and shared a few details regarding the Switch-exclusive, Bayonetta 3.

When developing Bayonetta 2, the idea was to “develop the game for multiple platforms but the project was halted due to circumstances at SEGA”, Kamiya mentioned. Because of this, Nintendo had to step in and fund the project which resulted in them taking part ownership of the franchise and eventually developing the game for Wii U.

As Kamiya recalled, Nintendo has been very supportive and funded the original Bayonetta port for Wii U. Nintendo also allowed them to use the Japanese voice track that was created for the system to port over in the PC version of the game.

Regarding development of Bayonetta 3, “It took a while for production of Bayonetta 3 to be okayed” Kamiya mentioned, but now that it’s been approved, Kamiya intends to do everything within his power to make it as good as it can be.

Bayonetta and Bayonetta 2 launch on February 16th for Nintendo Switch and we’ll be sure to follow-up as more information regarding Bayonetta 3 becomes available. For all things, Nintendo, stay tuned to NinMobileNews!

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