Update 2/12 at 8:15 PM ET: From what it seems, HAT-001 could possibly be the pre-existing Nintendo Switch Dev Kit, and not an iteration of the system.

A recent certification by Nintendo has led many to believe that a new edition of Nintendo’s blockbuster console may be on the way. A registration for a product with the model number HAT-001 has just been placed by Nintendo. Long ago, Nintendo registered HAT-002, which we now know to be a development prototype for the current switch model. It stands to reason then, that the new HAT-001 listing may be a prototype for a revised edition of Nintendo’s popular piece.

The fact that it’s listed under the HAT series is also important, as it signifies that, whatever the listing may be for, it’s not a consumer-ready product yet. The retail release of the Switch was given the model number HAC-001 instead of HAT, with the dock being given the HAC-007 number. This follows Nintendo’s past history of releasing updated versions of their consoles, as revisions like the 3DS XL and Wii Mini were given similar designations. As to what this revised console entails, we can’t say for sure. We do know though, that it will still have a dock, as a new certification for one was also uncovered under HAT-003.

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