Platform: Switch
Release Date: October 18, 2017

It’s difficult to imagine purchasing a Nintendo Switch and not also purchasing several accessories to go along with it. In retail stores like Walmart and Target, Nintendo Switch consoles are sold alongside walls of accessories and cases in order to “enhance” and/or protect the expensive hybrid console. There are a lot of accessories to purchase for the Switch from screen protectors to Joy-Con Guards and, most importantly, carrying cases. Snakebyte has conveniently packaged several of these accessories, and some extra niceties, in their Starter:Kit Pro. The Starter:Kit Pro includes a hard-shell fabric carrying case with a hand-strap, tempered glass screen protector, Joy-Con Guards and control caps, earbuds, and a cleaning cloth. With the Snakebyte Starter:Kit Pro, you’re getting good-quality, essential accessories for less than $25.

Carrying Case with Hand Strap

I believe a carrying case is an essential accessory for the Nintendo Switch. Unlike the DS and 3DS handhelds with their clamshell designs, the Switch is exposed anytime it’s not in the dock. I’m not as comfortable with taking my Switch in my backpack as I was with my 3DS. Carrying cases ensure your Switch is safe and protected when traveling with them. The Starter:Kit Pro includes a hard-shell case with a woven fabric material/texture. This case is thick enough to provide sufficient protection for your Switch while also being thin enough for easy storage and carrying.

Inside the carrying case, there are straps for securing your Nintendo Switch when storing it away. There is also a space for holding up to 12 Nintendo Switch game cartridges. The slots are tightly knit fabric binds that keep your cartridges in place, sometimes making it hard to easily remove the cartridges. You also won’t be able to see what cartridge you stored because the black fabric covers the design of the cartridge. It’s a small inconvenience, but it’s one to note. The carrying case also includes a designated area for storing miscellaneous items. Included within the case is a mesh pocket which is perfect for storing the cleaning cloth, earbuds, and even the control caps when you’re not using them. This carrying case does not feature a lunchbox strap like other carrying cases. Snakebyte included a removable hand strap you can clip to the case if you would like to use one.

The carrying case included in the Starter:Kit Pro is well made, offers great protection in a thin size, and includes plenty of storage spaces for cartridges and other items.

Tempered Glass Screen Protector

The screen of the Nintendo Switch is arguably it’s most important asset. Unfortunately, Nintendo opted for a plastic screen when manufacturing the Switch. The plastic material leaves it prone to scratches from hard materials like plastic, glass, and even dirt. A tempered glass screen protector protects the plastic screen of the Switch way better than a plastic film could. The glass screen protector of the Starter:Kit Pro features 9H hardness, meaning scratches and cracking should be limited to extreme scenarios (or diamonds). The included glass screen protector does add a small layer of thickness to your Switch, which could make sliding your Switch into the dock tighter. In the weeks that I’ve tested the screen protector, games can be seen as clearly as ever and the protector has never once shown signs of coming off on its own.

Joy-Con Guards and Control Caps

The black and red Joy-Con Guards are made out of a silicone, rubber-like grips you fit your Joy-Con controllers into. Joy-Con Guards provide additional protection for your Joy-Con controllers and a change of color for those who are tired of their gray Joy-Con. What helps these Joy-Con Guards stand out from the few others I’ve used is that these provide extra padding on the back. That extra padding helps the Joy-Con fit more comfortably in the hand, as they fill into your palm. It’s important to note you won’t be able to use the Joy-Con Grip if you have these Guards on.

The Control Caps included within the Starter:Kit Pro help to add more grip to your control sticks and are easy to attach. They come in black and red which can be used interchangeably between the left and right Joy-Con. The Joy-Con Guard colors cannot be swapped between the left and right, as the Black Guard is for the left Joy-Con and the Red Guard is for the right one.


There are a couple of extra niceties included in the Starter:Kit Pro such as a cleaning cloth and earbuds. The cleaning cloth is an ample sized, soft touch microfiber cloth in black with the Snakebyte logo emblazoned in red on it. It was able to get fingerprints and smudges off my Switch and phone screen with relative ease. The earbuds are pretty basic headphones you could get for around $10 in the checkout lane of a retail store. They’re not exceptional, but they get the job done. Including them is a nice touch for those that don’t have headphones or want some dedicated to their Switch.

Final Thoughts

If I would have known about the Snakebyte Starter:Kit Pro earlier, I would have purchased a set for my younger cousin who received a Nintendo Switch for Christmas last year. The Starter:Kit Pro carries the two most essential accessories for a Nintendo Switch: a carrying case and a tempered glass screen protector. Together, these things could easily cost more than $25. The Starter:Kit Pro has them both, and includes quality extra accessories for less than that. A brand new Switch owner will easily find everything they need in this set. The Snakebyte Starter: Kit Pro is available on Amazon for $22.99.

Review Product Provided by Snakebyte




  • Essential accessories and nice extras in an affordable package
  • Good quality carrying case, Joy-Con Guards, and tempered glass screen protectors


  • Included headphones aren’t that great
  • Carrying case cartridge storage slots are tight/block you from knowing what game is stored

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