Platform: Switch
Release Date: August 15, 2017

After reviewing the Charge Block Pro for the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller, I was excited to get the opportunity to review the NYKO Charge Block for Joy-Con. However, in the time I’ve owned my Nintendo Switch, I have never encountered a situation in which my Joy-Con were low on power. Regardless of this, I have found the NYKO Charge Block for Joy-Con to be extremely convenient for those occasions in which my Joy-Con need a little juice.

As Easy As 1-2, Dock!

Setting up the NYKO Charge Block for Joy-Con is simple. The packaging includes three items: the Charge Block, a micro USB charging cable, and an AC adapter. All you do is connect the micro USB cable to the back of the Charge Block and the other end of the cable to another source of power (using the AC adapter or one of the USB ports on the Switch dock). If you have more than one Charge Block, you have the option to chain them together. Each Charge Block features an opening that reveals a micro USB tip. Once you connect the Charge Blocks together, all you need is one micro USB cable connected to the last one in order to power the rest.

Simply More Convenient

The NYKO Charge Block for Joy-Con features four slots for additional controller charging (two left, two right). Docking these Joy-Con is as easy as docking them onto the sides of your Switch. Removing them is even easier, as the Charge Block does not require you to press down on the release button found on the backs of the Joy-con. The Charge Block also features indicator lights for each Joy-Con slot. They shine a solid green for when the Joy-Con are charging, and blink green for when charging is complete.

I don’t use my Joy-Con wirelessly all that often because I use the Pro Controller more than the Joy-Con in the Joy-Con grip. In the few times that I do charge my Joy-Con because they’re low on power, I always preferred doing it on the NYKO Charge Block because it was easier to access them than on the Nintendo Switch itself. Like I stated earlier, the Charge Block does not require you to press the release button to remove them. All you do is pull them out of the Block, and they’re ready to go.

Unfortunately, pulling out a Joy-Con would sometimes lift up the Charge Block itself. The Charge Block isn’t heavy, and the Joy-Con fits quite snugly, so in order to prevent this from happening I had to push down on the Charge Block while I pulled the Joy-Con out. This is a minor inconvenience, and it can be solved by securing the Charge Block with a Velcro strap or some sort of tape.

Final Thoughts

The NYKO Charge Block for Joy-Con, along with the NYKO Charge Block Pro, are some of my favorite accessories for the Nintendo Switch. They’re easy to setup and provide loads of convenience for charging your controllers. Having the option to chain the Charge Blocks together make these accessories unique, and help with reducing the messiness of cables. Even though I don’t believe they are necessary items, the NYKO Charge Block for Joy-Con wholeheartedly receives my recommendation especially for those who have several pairs of Joy-Con Controllers.



  • Convenient charging and pairing
  • Unique Charge Block chaining solution for all types of controllers


  • Not worth it for people who own one pair of Joy-Con

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